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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Transfer Photos from iOS to Mac

Update:This is a great app. We've used it quite a bit to transfer big movie files from iOS to iOS and also to my laptop. It is better and easier to use than Video Photo Transfer.

I recently wrote about a great tool called Video Photo Transfer to send photos and videos from your iOS device to your Mac and back. I've used it and it's great. But I also found another tool called Send Anywhere that does the same thing quickly and easily. With this tool you can share photos, videos, contacts, and "any files", according to their website. What you do after you download the app is choose your file type (like Photos), choose what you want to send, and press "Send". Then you have the option of pressing "Upload" which will allow someone to download a file at a later date. You can even send between iOS devices, which is a neat option for students sharing big movie files.

The cool thing is that the receiver of the file has a few options. They can go to the Send Anywhere and enter the key that you're given or you can take a picture of the QR code or enter the key on another device to receive the files. I transferred a movie pretty quickly using the QR code reader on my iPhone. It also works on Android and the Chrome web store.

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