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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sync iCal (Calendar) to Twitter

Update: If you've already linked your Facebook account and iCal you don't need to do the steps below. But if you only want to do iCal to Twitter then read on.
  • To link your Facebook and Twitter you need to click on your profile, then on the mini menu on the right click on 'See All'.
  • Then on the left click on 'Resources'.
  • From there you'll see 'Link to Twitter' and follow the steps from there.
A few posts ago I mentioned how you can sync your iCal and Facebook. While we're on the subject of social media I thought I'd try sync iCal to Twitter too. Now I'll be honest that I don't really feel like I need to use Twitter but the fact that others might be (and I can auto update without EVER logging into my Twitter account) is reason enough. I signed up for Twitter a few years ago and never, ever looked at it. Until now...
  • First, I hunted around for an easy way to email a tweet and after a lot of playing around I found TweetC. You'll have to go there and set up a free account. They will give you a random looking email address. Copy that email address. When you send an email to that address TweetC will automatically post the subject and body to your Twitter account.
The following directions are the same as this post about Facebook:
  • Next go to Address Book and make your vCard information private (see this post)
  • Open and Edit your vCard and paste your new TweetC email into your card (keep your old email too)
  • Make sure to UNCHECK the box next to the TweetC email address so others don't send email to it accidentally
  • Open iCal and create a new event
  • Put the information you want to be on your Twitter status in the title of your iCal event (example: Homework Due - Turn in your math homework on Thursday or Open House @ 6:30pm at FMS)
  • In the Alarm section tell iCal to send you an email at a certain time before the event occurs (I did one minute before 7:00am for every event)
  • Choose your TweetC email address
  • For the next day or event just hold down the Option key and drag the event to a new place or day and it will copy it along with all of the settings (or copy and paste)
  • Change your new event to reflect what you want to say in the title

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