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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remind - Safe Teacher Texting

Remind is a neat service that allows you to send a text message to your students and parents (whomever signs up) from a web browser to remind them of homework or other important events happening in class. The service gives you a phone number and a code. The students and parents send a text to that number to get signed up. I can see their names but not their phone numbers, nor can they see mine so there's no fear of inappropriate communication. I created a class and posted it on my web page and Facebook page. I'll see what happens and see it it's worth my time.

Update: I LOVE this service and I hope it stays free. Even so I would consider paying a small fee for it. I think one of it's greatest attributes is the ability to schedule a text to be sent in the future. Totally tubular. For example, we have a book exchange in two weeks. I just scheduled a reminder to be sent in the morning and also four days before it starts. Of my 50 kids and parents I have currently have 26 signed up.

Another one is Wiggio - it has a lot more options and control

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