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Monday, September 8, 2014

No Red Ink Updates is a great site I've used a lot with my students to attack grammar and writing skills.  Kids like it because they get to personalize their lessons with the names of their friends or pets, musicians, actors and sports stars.  What I've noticed is that feature is a good draw because they look forward to each sentence because of the potential content which gets them excited to read what it contains.  It also does a good job of helping them if they miss the sentence by taking them through a small tutorial about the particular item they missed.  It's great for the teacher not only because of the engagement factor but the teacher gets reports and feedback on who has completed what and how they did on each lesson.

The site has some new updates today, including over 500 new additional "interests", the ability to give a pretest in multiple categories at the same time, and, maybe more importantly, the ability to login with their Google accounts, which lessens the amount of passwords they need to remember.  I highly recommend giving a shot in your classroom.


  1. How do you 'grade' student progress? Do you provide a weekly grade as they move through a marking period? How do you generate a traditional grade book grade from the heat map provided by No Red Ink to show student progress? How do you normalize the grade when students are working on individualized plans? Thank you in advance for your response.

  2. Sorry, just saw this. I think as far as grading NoRedInk progress...I wouldn't grade it. I would just use it as practice and would only "grade" any summative assessments based on the standards we are aiming for.


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