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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Email Content to Kindle App

Update: If you have the Kindle App on your iPad you can also send documents to that. Also, to find your Kindle email address you can look it up on Amazon's site, under Manage Your Kindle, which is under 'Your Account'. It was also on my iPad app.

Many of you have Kindles. I have six in my classroom that the students use for my Kindle Reading Klub and just general reading but it's always a pain when I want to add a document (usually a pdf) to them. Each kid has to bring it up, I have to plug it in, and drag the files over. But with Amazon's new application Send to Kindle that can now be done via email. Apparently each Kindle has an email address and this app uses that service. Amazon claims that you can do the following (I think the 3rd one's cool):
  • Send personal documents to your Kindle from your Mac.
  • Drag and drop one or more documents on to the Send to Kindle icon in your Dock or launch the application and drag and drop one or more documents on to it.
  • From any Mac application that can print, select the print menu and choose Send to Kindle.
  • From Finder, simply control-click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle.
  • Choose to archive documents in your Kindle library, where you can re-download them conveniently at any time.
Try it here

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