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Thursday, September 4, 2014


I don't really like flashcards in my classroom because I like to get the kids to think about learning, especially words, in a different way besides memorization. But I know they're a necessity sometimes for some learners and in some situations. I've reviewed a few types of websites and flashcard apps in the past, such as Flippity (which integrates wonderfully with Google Drive) and Flashcards* (an app that ties in with Quizlet that allows my students to download them to their devices).

Today I found another one thanks to FreeTech4Teachers called Card Kiwi that is a pretty straightforward online card creator. You have to sign up for an account but then you simply click 'Create' and start typing on the front and back of the cards. You can also browse through sets that are already created. The trick on Card Kiwi is that when you see a card you can rate it on whether or not you know it, sorta know it, or don't know it. Then the site will show you cards that you need the most help with more often.

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