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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fakebook and SMS Generator

Update: Another tool from I heard about today is called Breaking News generator.  It allows kids to make a fake Breaking News image.

As a teacher you have to know what language your students are speaking.  I'm not talking Spanish or Korean here, but what things do they like to do or talk about so you can tailor your lessons and consequently their learning to match.  This will increase engagement in your classroom.  Two great tools that come from are Fakebook and SMS Generator.

Fakebook allows your students to create a fake Facebook profile with images, likes, and status updates.  I envision students choosing a character from a book or a historical figure and creating (and maintaining) a Fakebook page for that person.  Start with something fun and move on to more the real learning.

SMS Generator is another tool that allows students to create a text exchange (as long as they like) between to people, real or fake.  The result is a text message thread that looks like a message you'd see on a mobile phone.

Both of these would be great entry tasks to get students thinking using the tools they normally use.

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