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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Clean Internet Browsing Experience

I like a clean looking screen when I'm browsing the Internet. That's one of the reasons that I love Readability. Something else I love with Chrome (Google's web browser, and my favorite by far. It's fast!) is that I have Ad Block that finds all of the ads on web sites and makes them go away. Nice.

But by far my favorite feature is Full Screen mode. Full Screen gets rid of all of the buttons, address bar and bookmarks at the top of the screen and just leaves the content. If you move your mouse up they suddenly reappear, like when you hide your dock.

If you're using Chrome or Firefox give it a try by pressing Shift + Command + F (or View > Full Screen). Safari doesn't quite do the same thing but you can make the address bar disappear by pressing Command + Shift + | (not the letter 'i' but the key above Return that you've never used before).

Nice and neat...just the way I like it.

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