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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Google Chrome for Web Browsing

Even Further Update: Chrome is by far the fastest, most-bestest browser I've ever used. It opens up quickly. It never crashes. It has great extension (add-ons). It flies around the web. It handles all content. The only time I'll ever use Firefox or Safari are for those specialty things, like downloading a random video or resizing a picture on my blog. Overall Google Chrome gets a huge double thumbs way up.

By the way, now that I've recommended Chrome so heavily you have to make sure you are running at least 10.5.6 and have an Intel machine. To find out if you've got 10.5.6 (the operating system) go to the little apple on the top left, click "About this Mac," and look for the version number.

Further Update: It's been about five months now and I use Chrome almost exclusively. It's fast, pretty darn stable except for a few Flash videos here and there (but that's an Adobe issue, not Google) and meets all my needs (browser-wise). The few things that I can't do in Chrome are so few and far between that I am happy to say I'm a Chrome user.

Update: So far...okay with Chrome. Skyward works well (although it tells me it's not supported). But, ironically, I can't update this blog using Chrome ;o) After more use I do like how it remembers passwords like Firefox and it's fast. I will say that their logo looks an awful lot like that game Simon Says.

Google just released their own web browser for Mac today called Google Chrome. I don't really know anything about it but I do know that Google makes a lot of great, innovative products. I'm going to give a whirl over the next couple of days and see how it matches up to Firefox and Safari.

You can download a beta version below (if you are running the 10.5 operating system, also known as Leopard. To check your operating system version go up the the apple on the top left and choose 'About This Mac'. You should see your version there):

Download Google Chrome

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