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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Customize the Toolbar

The toolbar is the bar on top of mail that has all of the icons in it that let you do certain tasks with just a click, like Delete, Get Mail, Print, and Junk an email. Did you know that you can customize that toolbar to get rid of or add certain icons? If you're like me you like things clean and neat without a lot of clutter. I also LOVE to use keyboard shortcuts because for some reason the mouse is always awkward and takes too long to use (I know, I know). So my toolbar is minimal and includes the stuff in the image on the below. The thing I use the most and LOVE is the Search bar. That might warrant it's own blog entry since it's so useful.

To customize your toolbar in Mail simply go to View > Customize Toolbar...In the box that opens up you'll see a ton of options to add to your toolbar. Or you can just choose the default set on the very bottom. Simply drag what you want into your existing toolbar and it will drop into place. While this box is open you can also delete existing icons from your toolbar by dragging them off. Or grab one and move it around to a new place.

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