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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NoRedInk for Grammar Activities

Ever since my class was given iPads we've stopped doing the weekly grammar exercises that we used to do on the whiteboard. So I've been searching around trying to find something worthy of their time and I think I found it. NoRedInk is a great website that has two parts, a teacher's portal and a student's portal. Within the teacher's side of things you can add classes, get a class code so students can join, create and assign quizzes and assignments, monitor student's progress, and other stuff I don't even know of yet.

I played with it for about half and hour, adding classes and a test student, and was really impressed with not only the layout of the site (it's not flashy but very practical) but also the ability for kids to work through grammar exercises, get immediate feedback, and see what they need to work on in with an easy to read progress chart. I give it two thumbs way up. I haven't yet asked my kids to join and use it so I'll add an update when we get there.

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