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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is It Too Loud?

Update: Another great site is that shows balls that bounce up and down in response to the noise in the classroom.

Many times in class I'm trying to get my kids to quiet down (or know when they can be loud) and this app might help me (and them) to know where they stand. It's simply titled Too Loud? and it's basically a decibel meter that you can use with your iOS device. You have to calibrate it first to a quiet room (just press a button and move a slider to 25Db) and then the meter will go up or down based on how loud it is. I envision using this during a silent working time as a visual reminder for kids to know that talking is not allowed. It could also be used during filming to find a suitable location for a quiet shot.

  • Ever wonder if the place you are in is damaging your hearing?
  • Sometimes it is easy to take for granted how loud places are.
  • This app allows you to see volume levels in simple numerical form and will warn you if you should be wearing ear plugs!
  • The application now allows the user to specify a filter and an offset value. The filter determines how much the input is smoothed out; this is to filter out spikes from background noise and give a more accurate average reading.
  • The offset value can be set to a positive or negative number to compensate for the differences between the different microphones on all the iOS devices.
  • Features a live graph to visualize the data and a significantly improved algorithm for calculating the levels!

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