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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Easy Photo Crop

Cropping a photo is sometimes a necessity and usually I'll use iPhoto. It's pretty easy but also requires me to open the application, select the photo, click Edit, etc. But now there's a website service that will do it for you very quickly. is the site and it's free!

From their website:

There are several really cool things about Obviously, the first is that is an online tool. You don't need to download and run any desktop software. DonĂ¢€™t get me wrong - desktop software is sometimes great, but for cropping a few images it's a bit of an overkill to launch Photoshop or dig in the plethora of options that most free software programs offer.
The second cool thing about is that it allows you to upload and cropp multiple (currently up to five) images simultaneously, i.e. crop a whole batch of images in one go. In addition, you can also specify more than one cropping size. This allows you for example to produce avatar and headline images from the same image in a single cropping session. In the end of the process all the croppings of all the images are downloaded as a single .zip file.

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