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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Turn Blog into Podcast

File this one under "Pretty cool idea". Podcastomatic is a website that has one purpose. It takes a written blog and turns it into a spoken podcast. I listen to podcasts usually when I'm driving a long distance and just like books on tape they help the time fly by. I took this blog and Podcastomatic-ed it and here is the result. It also gives you a link to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. I'm not sure if it goes out in the future and grabs podcasts or if you have to go and convert them again. I also noticed it only did the first 11 from this site, but if you have a blog that you read that you want to listen to, this might be the tool for you. I could see using it in a classroom for students to write a blog and use the audio some way in a presentation.

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