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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I love keyboard shortcuts (and wrote about some here) because they're fast and they make my life easier and I hate using the mouse/trackpad. At another job I used to see how long I could go without using the mouse, only keyboard shortcuts. That was the best thing about that job.

I've used these four shortcuts over the past few days and thought they were worth passing along. You may never use them but at some point you're gonna think, "Wasn't there a shortcut for this? Hmm...oh well."
  • Logout - Command + Option + Shift + Q (helpful for forgetful students who can't seem to remember to log off)
  • Restart - Control + Command + Eject Disc
  • Turn Off - Control + Option + Command + Eject Disc
  • Force Quit - Command + Option + Esc
Now, go forth and be shorter.

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