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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thinglink for Interactive Image Creation

Update: Thinglink now has a site called Thinglink EDU that allows teachers to create and manage classes so students can sign up without having an email address.

Thinglink (hard to say) is a great website that allows you to tag images so that when someone rolls over the image a box pops up with more information and, optionally, a link to a website. It was always one of those tools that I had heard about but never could wrap my mind around until I watched Richard Byrne's video explaining it and then I was hooked. Alternately, you could go to their website and look at the current image they have on their home screen and roll over it to get a feel for what the website allows you to do.

In a nutshell:
  • you choose an image from a website or upload one of your own
  • highlight a portion (or portions) of the image
  • type in what you want the box to say when someone rolls over it with their mouse
  • type in any URL you want to link to along with the text
  • from there you can embed this image onto a website or blog or share it via a URL
I could see a great application in the classroom where students find an image of something they are studying, tag parts of that image with information, and share with the rest of the class. My second question, after finding out exactly what the site does is, "Does it work on an iPad?" Yes, it does. And here are 26 ways to use it in the classroom (Thanks

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