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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Popsicle Sticks Revisited

Usually I review things that are free...because I'm cheap. But there's a cool app (for $2.99) called Stick Pick that gets even cooler the more you dig into it. Now, I didn't buy this...because I'm cheap, but from reading the description here it looks very useful. What Stick Pick does is allow you to do the virtual popsicle sticks on your iOS device. Shake it or tap the screen and it can choose a name of a student to answer a question. What's even neater is that you can assign a particular level to a student and Stick Pick will suggest a question starter based on Bloom's Taxonomy. It also does a ton more...or so I read...because I'm cheap. Here's what their App Store description said:

Create as many classes as you need
Over 140 question stems categorized into three modes:
Bloom's Revised; and
ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Copy an entire class, with or without scores
  • Swipe up, tap, shake to call on a student
  • Level-appropriate question stems appear right on the screen
  • Option to operate in Stick Only mode
  • Sticks can be reset (put back in with the rest) or marked used in a special used can
  • Toggle between used and unused sticks with a single tap
  • Option to peek into each can to deliberately pick a particular student 
  • Operates in Left or Right Hand mode
  • Collect formative assessment data using Correct, Incorrect, and Opinion buttons, AND
  • Rate each learner's response on a 0-5 point rubric:
  • Use the Critical Thinking Rubric (for Bloom's & Bloom's Revised mode); or
  • Degree of Elaboration Rubric (for ESL mode) 
  • E-mail student data

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